Not the best quality pictures, but I was too excited about the food to be patient and take anything better. If you’re in the Orlando area or even plan on visiting the Orlando area, this place is a hole in the wall that needs to be on your list.

I’ve heard about this place and finally was in the area and took a chance on it. I was nervous. I’ve had a lot of bad Italian beef sandwiches in my life. Something that is seemingly simple, is hard to perfect. Well this place has done it.

The owners greeted me when I came in and I told them I was eyeing the sandwich. The son’s suggestion was to add hot peppers and giardiniera. Sold. I added it and also got a side of fries with garlic oil, parm, and giardiniera.

When the food arrived I knew I was in for a treat. I started with the fries. One bite and I was speechless. The giardiniera took it over the top. The combo of crispy fries, oil, cheese, and vinegary spice were a winner. Then I got to the sandwich. I was in tears. It was one of those euphoric food moments, I hope you’ve had one if your lifetime because it’s just amazing. I sat there in silence just eating away. It was that good.

I know it seems crazy, I mean how good can a sandwich and fries be right? This is no 5-star restaurant with a world renowned chef. You would be right. But when someone creates food they love and are proud of, it translates into the food and it turns something so simple into magic.