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January 2014

Parksdale Farm Market

Last weekend I took a mini road trip with my room mate/ big sister to St. Petersburg, Florida. On the way back she insisted we stop and get strawberry shakes after seeing huge billboards for them. We pulled up to this crowded fruit market and there was a line around the building. I was feeling apprehensive about this. If I’m going to wait for food, it better be worth it. We got to the counter and all you did was say the number of what you wanted and they had a small assembly line of people putting it together. I decided on the strawberry shortcake (a personal favorite!) and my room mate got the strawberry shake. Continue reading “Parksdale Farm Market”


Korean Food Adventure

Not only do I love to eat, but I love cooking too. When I was young, my dad would cook dinner and I would be his assistant, allowed to do small tasks like cutting veggies or stirring something simmering on the stove.

Now, I find cooking cathartic. If I’ve had a stressful week it’s nice to come home and just cook it out. It’s also an adventure in and of itself. Last week I decided to take a risk and work with a cuisine I love but am not too familiar with cooking…Korean food. It was a pretty ambitious effort, but I was ready to take on the task. Continue reading “Korean Food Adventure”

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