Last weekend I took a mini road trip with my room mate/ big sister to St. Petersburg, Florida. On the way back she insisted we stop and get strawberry shakes after seeing huge billboards for them. We pulled up to this crowded fruit market and there was a line around the building. I was feeling apprehensive about this. If I’m going to wait for food, it better be worth it. We got to the counter and all you did was say the number of what you wanted and they had a small assembly line of people putting it together. I decided on the strawberry shortcake (a personal favorite!) and my room mate got the strawberry shake.

I wish my picture could do this dessert true justice. It was so good that I couldn’t even bother trying to take a better picture. The cake was delicious and slightly dry, so it absorbed all of the strawberry juice perfectly. The strawberry mix wasn’t from a jar, it was from fresh strawberries so it was just a burst of flavor in every bite. This was all perfectly complimented with fresh whipped cream. I’m actually salivating as I write this, it was so good.

I was also lucky enough to snag a sip of the shake too! Not a huge shake fan but it was really good. It was creamy and still had chunks of fresh strawberry in it!

This place is definitely off the beaten track. But if you happen to find yourself driving the I-4 corridor and see the billboards, stop by!