Recommendable Edibles


February 2014

The Yard Bird Cafe

Another travel edition of Recommendable Edibles! Last weekend I did a charity walk with my family and friends in St. Augustine. Well, I can’t travel anywhere without trying some of the local food! This one almost didn’t happen. We were a group of five and we showed up to The Yard Bird Cafe, which is pretty close to historic St. Augustine. We walked in and were told the wait would be almost an hour. No thanks! I was starving. I was a little disappointed as we walked out but we heard someone yelling at us as we were walking to the car. A table was leaving and if we waited ten minutes, we could be seated. Perfect! Continue reading “The Yard Bird Cafe”


Three Fx Ice Cream and Waffles

This past weekend I was able to take an impromptu trip to Jacksonville, Florida with my cousins. The first thought that came to mind after “what am I going to pack?!?!” was “WHERE AM I GOING TO EAT?!”

My main source for a lot of my findings is  I’ve found very accurate reviews from them and I love reading about the experiences of others. After that, I search local newspaper articles and once I’m at my destination, just ask locals. Continue reading “Three Fx Ice Cream and Waffles”

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