This past weekend I was able to take an impromptu trip to Jacksonville, Florida with my cousins. The first thought that came to mind after “what am I going to pack?!?!” was “WHERE AM I GOING TO EAT?!”

My main source for a lot of my findings is  I’ve found very accurate reviews from them and I love reading about the experiences of others. After that, I search local newspaper articles and once I’m at my destination, just ask locals.

There will be more posts to come for other food we ate this trip, but one of the highlights for me was this little gem.

This cute little thing is Taiyaki. They’re a Japanese invention which is essentially a waffle shaped like a fish with some type of filling.

I wanted to know if eating a fish-shaped waffle made a difference. I can confirm that it does! The waffle was freshly made with various fillings to choose from. Mine was taro in this case and it paired perfectly with the soft sweetness of the waffle. The next time I visit I know I’ll be back for this sweet treat!