To continue my mini-series on my Atlanta food adventures I had the opportunity to eat some yummy Korean BBQ, which is one of my favorite things ever! Late Sunday night, a small group of my friends and I made our way to Oh! My. They kept sounding so concerned about it only being open for another three hours, and after starting our meal I understood why.

There’s so much to talk about here, but I’ll try to break it down a little for those that haven’t had BBQ like this before. Essentially the meal consisted of grilled meat and vegetables eaten with various dipping sauces or side dishes. Below is a list of all the items included with our lengthy meal.

Grill Items

BBQ– Various raw meats marinated in different types of sauces. They arrived in large bowls raw and were placed on the grills at our table (pictured below) to cook. My meal consisted of: Soy-marinated beef brisket, Garlic-marinated pork belly, Garlic-Marinated Pork.

Kimchi– Fermented cabbage in a sour and spicy mix. This was also placed on the grill to heat up and get crispy.

Bean Sprouts– Marinated in a spice blend and cooked on the grill.

Side Items

Sesame Dipping Sauce– Essentially sesame oil with seasoning mixed in.

Fermented Soy Bean Paste- This was used as a dipping sauce for the meats.

Pickled Radish- I used this like a lettuce wrap and filled it with meat and veggies and dipped it in the sauces. Salad– The salad came with a sesame-soy vinaigrette and was good as a stand alone item to the meal and also to be used as lettuce wraps for the BBQ items.

Soondubu Jjigae– A soft tofu soup that was made with a spicy broth with kimchi and veggies.

If you haven’t had Korean before, be prepared to be taken completely out of your comfort zone, but this is definitely a good place to start. There’s nothing too bizarre here and the flavor assault on your taste buds is a welcome one, I promise. It’s hard to find a Korean BBQ restaurant, let alone one that is this delicious and satisfying. (Just so you know, we spent the entire time there, the food just kept coming!) I’ll be back for sure  and if you find yourself in the Atlanta area, give this place  a chance too!