The last food adventure in my mini Atlanta trip series is a good one, Rise-N-Dine. The name was cute enough to catch my attention and once we got there, the place truly lived up to its cutesy name.

Rise-N-Dine is located close to Emory University and is a very quaint breakfast or lunch spot. My friends and I decided to get one last local meal together before I headed back to Orlando. The menu had so many delicious and interesting options, but I ended up settling on something that  I can assure you I had never seen before, it was called the Polish omelette, and it contained pierogies, kielbasa, onion, and cheddar cheese inside the omelette, topped off with some sour cream. With the omelette, I had a fresh homemade biscuit with apple butter (not sure if handmade, but it was delish regardless!).

Before my meal came, I ordered my standard cup of coffee because I am an addict and can’t function without it. It looked normal, I added my usual two sugars and milk and then took a sip and BAM! This is perhaps one of the most delicious cups of coffee I have ever had. It definitely ranks in my top three for sure. Rise-N-Dine brews Counter Culture coffee! It was so smooth, rich, and delicious; the perfect start to my day.

Not long after the food arrived and my morning continued to get even better. I took a risk with the omelette because it sounded so darn good, but it could also be one of those fusion things that just doesn’t work, well…it did work! It wasn’t too heavy and all the flavors worked so well together. The biscuit and apple butter were also a delightful sweet addition to the meal. If I’m back in this area, I will be back to check out other delectable menu items.