I know it’s been quite a while. A lot of distractions have kept me from blogging, but not from trying delicious foods! As the holidays are approaching, I always get drawn to comfort foods, especially when I’m feeling nostalgic about things, as the holidays tend to do to me. I was yelping some new places to check out (yelp is your friend, use it!) and was looking for something that felt like home, when I stumbled upon Grandma’s Kitchen. I mean, what a fitting name for what I’m looking for, it was serendipity!

I was born and raised in Australia, so luckily for me, Orlando has a large British community that closely resembles what I’m used to eating back home. I decided to make it a family trip and dragged my parents along for the food adventure. We got there and I’m not going to lie, I was slightly skeptical. It’s in a strip mall and just has a sign saying fish and chips. Inside are a few tables scattered throughout the room and an open kitchen. I didn’t let this deter me though and went in.

The menu was short but had a lot of my favorite things. My family and I got quite ambitious and ordered more than we could eat, but it was a great mistake to make. The food came out as it was ready and words cannot even express how amazing it all was!

20141218_183102_resized (1)     20141218_183106_resized (1)

I ordered bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes) since it’s a go to for me when I go to any place serving it. If they can do a classic right, then I’m sold on it. I got the plate and with a little hesitation, took my first bite. It was perfect! The sausage had a crisp bite to it because of the skin. It was flavorful and perfect with the mashed potatoes and peas. I know it doesn’t look like much, but as far as comfort food goes, this hit the target!

My dad decided on the mixed fish and chips which was 3 different types of fish with fries. The batter on these babies was delightful, it was crisp and not too greasy. The fish was moist and not too fishy. The chips (fries) were like I’m used to. They were hand cut and thick and tasted like a potato. I know, I know, that’s the strangest description for food, but there are differences in British/Australian food that show if it’s authentic or not.

My mom ordered the Cornish Pasty which is a mix of ground meat and diced veggies, seasoned and baked in a flaky pastry. It was so good! The pastry was probably the flakiest and most buttery I’ve encountered in a long time and it just kind of blew my mind.

I most definitely got my comfort food fix with all these dishes and I’ll be back to try more. If you’re looking for good homestyle British food, this is the place to be!