After a fun New Year’s Eve, my friends and I wanted to venture out for some delicious carbs. What better than pizza right?! All your essential food groups in one place! But Orlando has so many choices and options for this delightful treat. After some quick research we decided to try out Mellow Mushroom, a small chain throughout the country, but one with pretty decent reviews.

When the got there the mood was very relaxed and we settled in and decided to start with the Muffuletta Cheese Bread. It’s their sesame hoagie bread topped with the olive salad, typically found on muffulettas, and cheese, all baked to gooey perfection. If you’re a fan of olives this is definitely something to try. A unique take on a normal appetizer and an overall success.

Mellow Mushroom has seemingly endless options for pizza toppings so it took us quite a while to decide, but we finally settled on getting two types of pizza, The Philosopher’s Pie (grilled steak, portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, provolone, feta, mozzarella)  and The Mellowterranean (chicken, onions, roasted bell peppers, black olives, chives, feta, mozzarella, tzatziki sauce).

I had been excited since enjoying the appetizer and when the pizza arrived it did not disappoint! I started with the Philosopher’s Pie and it was magical. All the flavors just worked. I enjoy those tart flavors from vinegar-based things, olives, pickles, etc, so this really did it for me. It was such a unique taste and nothing I’ve ever really enjoyed on a pizza before.

Although I was starting to get really full, I knew I needed to try the Mellowterranean too. I loaded some sauce on it and took a bite and was also completely happy with this choice. All the flavors worked really well and the sauce was amazing with the pizza. I sat there after the meal was over in content, carb-loaded bliss.

I will most definitely be coming back to Mellow Mushroom. There are so many more pizzas to try and food adventures to be had. If you find one near you I highly recommend you check it out! Below are the picks before all the debauchery happened!