A little late, but the holidays were spent binge-watching cooking shows on Netflix and getting inspired to cook once again. But since I was feeling particularly lazy, I decided to search out what I was looking for instead. At the time, I had watched hours of seeking out the perfect ramen and noodle soups. So the idea was stuck in my mind, enjoying a steaming hot bowl of soup! Off I went to find this delicious goodness. I had heard about Sapporo Ramen from friends and decided to give it a try.

Now typically when I’m trying a place for the first time, I order whatever the specialty is. It’s usually a good indicator of other things on the menu for me. But today, I was feeling udon noodles so I got tempura udon, a favorite of mine. It arrived in all it’s steaming glory and I couldn’t wait to dig in!

I took a sip of the broth and it was so wonderful! It was so flavorful and not oily at all. The tempura was cooked perfectly. One thing I always look for with shrimp tempura is ensuring that that shrimp isn’t overcooked and that the batter is light and crispy. It was done to perfection. Although this was a relatively simple meal, it’s one that could easily have gone so wrong. Everything was just right and when I get a hankering for ramen or soup again, I’ll be heading back here to get my fix!