So, I have this list and it started small but has been growing and growing. I started with a few restaurants I wanted to check out, then I had so many I put them by cuisine so I could choose depending on my mood. Then I had to sort if by geographical location. Checking this place out was a result of that.

I was with my roomie at a farmer’s market off the beaten path (Winter Garden to be exact!) and she and I were getting hungry. She suggested Red Eye Bar and Grill and it’s been on my watch list for a while so I was excited that we were finally on that side of town!It’s located in a shopping plaza and the untrained eye may pass right over the place, but don’t! Your taste buds will regret it! My roommate ordered a burger and sweet potato fries and I settled on a beef brisket sandwich and fries.

We got our order relatively quickly and dug in! I got to sample some of the sweet potato fries and I’m not going to lie, I would trek all the way over just for those! They were perfectly cooked and crispy too, which I’ve noticed is hard for a lot of places to perfect. I got started on my food and it was great! I will go ahead and honestly say that I’ve had better brisket, but it did pack some good flavor and it wasn’t very dry. The fries were pretty much just as amazing as their sweet potato counterparts. But let’s talk about the sauce! I didn’t get to snap a picture of it, but it was amazing! There were many options but the best two were an apple vinaigrette and something called tangy gold, which I believe was a mustard based sauce.

I was addicted. My tummy was saying no but my taste buds were saying yes! It was an overall wonderful experience. I serious wish I could build a pipeline between my home and Red Eye to drown everything I eat in those sauces! This place was definitely a winner!