Location: 7540 Universal Blvd Orlando, FL 32819

So I woke up one day with a craving for delicious European food. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic for food I had growing up, but I had tunnel vision and the light at the end of the tunnel was leading me to schnitzel. If you haven’t had schnitzel before it’s basically a pounded out meat steak (usually pork) that’s breadcrumbed and pan fried.

So what did I do? I went to google and searched “schnitzel Orlando.” Lol. Ararat Bistro was one of the first to come up and since it got some decent reviews I decided to give it a try.

The restaurant was located in an obscure strip mall off of International Drive, but location is meaningless if the food is good! I got there and a sign on the door said they were closing early for a private event so to-go it was! I went in and ordered, what else, schnitzel! It came with fries covered with herbs and a salad.

I will say, that if you’re unfamiliar with Russian food and European food in general, do your research first. This place caters to Eastern European people. The staff are not too well versed at explaining menu items so try to make your life easier and figure it out beforehand!

I decided to eat outside since I couldn’t wait and this was the glory that I saw upon opening the container of food!

The pork was seriously bigger than my face! It was a daunting task, but I went for it! The first bite was delicious! It was exactly what I was craving. The pork was still very moist and cooked well and the coating was crisp and flavorful. The fries were a delightful surprise with the herbs. I will definitely be coming back to try more menu items and you should check them out too!