Location: 1326 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803

I took the trip across town to Pig Floyd’s with my roommate and as usual, the place was buzzing. Not only is the food good here, but there’s a nice atmosphere. The weather in Florida has been nice so sitting in the outdoor patio they have was a perfect place to eat! I know I’m gushing about this place, I just can’t help it!

Oh Pig Floyd’s. I can say that this place is unlike a lot of restaurants I’ve eaten at before. They’ve got a very good handle on the whole BBQ/Latin fusion. This was my second visit, so I honed in on what I knew I had been dreaming about, the Matahambre sandwich. My mouth is actually watering while I write this. I think another visit is in order soon.

So let’s talk about what you came here for…the food! I ordered the Matahambre sandwich with fries. What is this sandwich? Amazing delicious fusion goodness. It’s an open-face sandwich with their brisket, chimichurri sauce, mayo, grilled tomatoes, pickled veggies, and a fried egg to top it all off. It’s a beast of a sandwich to say the least.

I took a breath and went in for the kill! It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth and I just couldn’t get enough. I definitely kept eating…and eating…and eating way beyond my level of fullness, it was that good! I highly recommend this sandwich. I like food with a twist. A plain sandwich is not for me. This had the familiar qualities of BBQ with all the added fusion flavor.

Ok, enough about the sandwich! The fries were good too. And that’s that.

I was also lucky enough to sneak a taste of my roommate’s meal and I struck gold with some yucca fries! They were nice and crisp on the outside but really fluffy on the inside. Some of the best I’ve had. If you’ve never had these before, get them! They’re a root vegetable, similar to a potato, cut into strips and fried. At Pig Floyd’s they were served with a slightly spicy mayo sauce.

I haven’t gone wrong with anything here so far, so if you’re in town, stop on by and try this place out!