Location: 3316 S. Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL, 33629

Located in an obscure former-house off of Dale Mabry, Kombo Kitchen is full of delightfully pleasant treats once you go in. I happened upon this place one day while searching for a good Asian lunch option and now it’s my go-to for Thai food.

My family were in town for the afternoon last week, and I knew I wanted to take them here. We settled on two dishes, one was Beef Pad Se Ew and the other was Crab Fried Rice. I don’t think there’s been a time I’ve come to Kombo Kitchen and not ordered crab fried rice! I love it!

We got our order and I got started on the Pad Se Ew. I’d never had it before. (Little side note, I’m deathly allergic to nuts, so for the longest time I avoided Thai food! I’ve missed out on so much!) The dish was sweet and savory all at the same time. The veggies in it were crisp and the beef was cooked well. It was a delight to try!

Then I got to what always brings me back…crab fried rice! I don’t think I can describe in words this dish, but I will try! It has a complex depth of flavor from all the spices added to the rice. It’s spicy and it hits you but it’s not overpowering and leaves you craving more. There are huge, real pieces of crab meat that balance out all of the other things going on in the dish. It’s just in short, perfection.

If you find yourself close by, or even if you’re not, make your way to Kombo Kitchen and you won’t regret it!