Location: 730 Sand Lake Road #30 Orlando, FL, 32809

Oh Cafe Pinar, what a delightful surprise you were! My roommate suggested trying this place, and since I was in no particular food mood (meaning I was hungry and would eat anything and everything), we headed to Cafe Pinar.

It was lunch on a Saturday so the place was pretty packed but we were able to get seated at a booth and were eager to order. Passing all the tables on the way, literally everything that people had looked good. When we sat down to look at the menu, everything sounded great. We labored for a while trying to narrow down our options, but finally I settled on Roja Vieja with plantains, black beans, and rice and my roommate got the Cuban sandwich.

When the food came out, I could barely contain my excitement. The portion was huge and it smelled amazing. I dug straight in and everything was perfect. The beans and rice were perfect and the beef was seasoned well and extremely tender. An odd but delicious combo was also the meat with the plantains!


I was lucky enough to also snag a bite of my roommate’s Cuban sandwich, and I am so glad I did! All the meats inside were perfect and the bread was pillowy soft inside and pressed well to be super crispy on the outside. A little pet peeve I have with pressed sandwiches is when they’re not hot all the way through, but they took their time on this one and it showed.

I will be back. If it was closer to where I live, it would be a dangerous situation, I can assure you. So check it out, especially if you’re seeking some delicious Cuban food!