Location: 1665 WP Ball Blvd Sanford, FL 32771

Pizza is a staple in my life. I’m pretty sure it is in a lot of people’s lives. I mean it’s crust, sauce, cheese, toppings. It’s got all your food pyramid basics covered in one easy to eat meal.

I’ve had a lot of pizza in my time. Some good, some not so great, some downright awful. I actually cringe thinking about pizza I’ve had with depressing toppings, stingy amounts of cheese, and cardboard crust. Caffe Positano had none of that! This is definitely one of the best pizza experiences I’ve had!

If you have a friend that raves about a place, and generally you trust their judgement, then try it! That’s how I got to experience this place. One of my best friends and I decided to venture to her side of town for a girl’s night, so naturally pizza was on the menu!

When we got there, the place was packed, so we ordered our meal to go. I went with what her usual order was, which was a pizza with pepperoni and fresh mushrooms and garlic knots. I was so excited to try this place and sitting inside waiting for out meal was torturous.

We finally got our order and didn’t even make it to the car, we needed to try it! We opened the box outside and it was like staring into a chest of gold and treasures. Our eyes lit up at gooey cheese with perfectly cooked toppings. I opened the garlic knots and the smell of fresh baked bread and garlic wafted up. I’m totally drooling thinking about it.

I wish my picture could do this place justice. I grabbed a slice and took a bite and it was heavenly. Why? Because the crust was crisp but slightly chewy so it held the pizza together well. The sauce had good flavor to it and didn’t taste like it had been poured from a can. The cheese was cooked just right and the fresh mushrooms were great! All the good-quality individual components culminated in a taste masterpiece! I know I’m gushing, but it was so good!

I tried the garlic knots too and they were the right choice. They were pillowy and soft, with a strong garlic and cheese flavor, which was amazing. The marinara was similar to the sauce on the pizza, and was an amazing sidekick the to the garlic knots.

Make the trek. Try the pizza. Be happy. 🙂