Location: 3405 Edgewater Drive Orlando, 32804

My trip to Hubbly Bubbly started with an intense desire to eat falafel after spending hours editing work at a local coffee shop. My mind was mush and the only thought that could process through that was, “I want falafel!”

I have a long list of food places I want to check out in Central Florida, and luckily Hubbly Bubbly was on the list and close by! It was meant to be!

I had never been there before, and as I often do at new places, I ask the staff for their favorites or popular picks, since they’re the most knowledgeable. I settled on a falafel pocket sandwich made “George’s Way”. I also ordered a side of Mazel Tots, mostly because I’m a sucker for cheesy cute names.

I got my food, took a bite of the sandwich, and was immediately happy with the decision I’d made. The falafel was fresh and not dry, which is a major deal breaker for me. Also, everything had a slightly lemony flavor to it which made it taste really fresh. The Mazel Tots, although bought on a whim, were also quite delicious. They were shredded potato and spices and they had a great flavor. The garlic dipping sauce that came with it was the perfect pairing.

When I think of sunny afternoons and eating well (aka pretending to be healthy), I think of Hubbly Bubbly, and you should too!