Location: 3201 Corrine Drive Orlando, FL 32803

A little delayed in blogging my adventures, but this one was a must! My birthday was last month and my roomie and I decided to have a treat yo self day! Our original intent was to go to East End Market and eat ourselves sick with all the yummy desserts the place has to offer, but fate had other plans for us.

I’d heard about Kappo from many people and just never had the chance to go. We were walking by and two chairs were open in the small seven seat omakase (sushi restaurant where it’s chef’s choice) bar. We grabbed them without a second thought. We were originally going to share a small sashimi platter, but after being told we could only share one of the items on the menu (called The Magical Mystery Tour) we decided why not?!

I won’t lie, I was very apprehensive. I didn’t think my palate was very refined, so I was a little concerned I’d be blowing money on  something I couldn’t appreciate. After our first round (of twelve I’d like to add!), I knew things would be fine. Everyone working there was super friendly and explained each element to the dish. I have a nut allergy, so many dirty jokes later, the chefs and other customers and us were all friends!

Watching the chef prepare the food itself was a work of art. I was mesmerized. I also gained an appreciation for the flavor and texture of each type of fish and how fresh wasabi, or other small additions, could drastically change the flavor profile!

I was completely content and stuffed by the end of my tour and it was well worth it. My highlights: Sushi with Scallop and Uni and Sushi with Arctic Char!

If the mood of the place wasn’t so relaxed and fun (they were playing old school hip hop), it would be a food snob’s paradise. Instead you get to appreciate amazing quality food and preparation, in good company and with good vibes.