Location: 2021 14th Street NW Washington D.C., 20009

As you have probably guessed by the title, Busboys and Poets is not a Central Florida eat, but bear with me. My logic? As Floridians stuck in a tourist destination, we at times like to take the occasional trip ourselves to play the tourist. Enter Washington D.C. and the deliciousness that is Busboys and Poets into my life.

Let me just start off by saying, I’m a planner. I like knowing where I’m going, what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, and who I’m doing it with. This was not one of those vacations. I was visiting one of my best friends and I clearly remember telling her that I want a vacation where I didn’t have to think. Yes, I trusted her that much, that I hoped she would take me to some amazing food places (to be honest, if she didn’t that would be a deal breaker for our friendship!).

My first full day in D.C. I was up early and eager to explore. With my best friend in hand we wandered through the streets of D.C. when she stopped on one of the street corners and announced, this is it!

Walking in, I immediately loved the upscale but eclectic vibe. There was colorful art hanging all over the place, livening up the harsh metal tables and booths. We took a seat at a booth and a glance at the menu, I’ll be honest, made me nervous. It was a pretty limited menu with, in my opinion, not a very large selection of enjoyable breakfast foods. For example, one of their popular items was granola…

I settled for a standard breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast, and home fries, along with it, I couldn’t forget the coffee either! Upon arrival of the food, my excitement picked up. Everything looked almost too good to eat… almost. After a sip of the delicious coffee I dug in! It was better than I could have hoped. Everything was cooked perfectly, the bacon was crisp, the eggs were just right, the potatoes were seasoned well, even the toast was amazing.

It was quite honestly the perfect setting for everything. We sat in a booth by the window so we were able to sit and people watch, imagining the stories of all the passers-by. We were in a comfortable place with good food, giving us the chance to catch up in person. The service was prompt and delightful. It was a wonderful experience.

If you find yourself playing the tourist in D.C., give Busboys a chance, you won’t regret it!