Location: 5145 S. Orange Ave Orlando, FL, 32809

After my little D.C. trip, I was back home and ready to check out more of the food scene. I woke up on a Saturday with the idea of eating a really, really, really good burger on my mind. I tried to let the feeling pass, but it kept lingering, so with my resolve significantly lowered, I gave in and decided to seek out a burger.

A place I’d heard some buzz about, but hadn’t had the chance to try, was Beth’s. I walked in and was immediately greeted by a friendly server who explained the menu, went over some favorites, and gave me a chance to tone down my burger excitement.

I decided on the mushroom and swiss burger, which as you may have already guessed came with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. You get to customize with different toppings and sauces as well so I went with a pretty standard lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard combo.

I always need some kind of accompaniment with a burger or sandwich, so I thought tots were the perfect choice. As soon as the food arrived, I was excited. The bun had been toasted, a pleasant surprise, and the smell was delightful. I assembled my burger and took a huge bite.

It was heavenly. I’m not even quite sure how to describe it. You know when you have to scratch your back and it’s in a hard to reach place? And then you finally get the spot and it just feels so good? That’s what this burger did to me. The bun was so buttery and slightly firm so it held the toppings and burger juice well. The burger wasn’t overcooked and extremely juicy. Everything was great. The tots were in fact the perfect partner for this burger. They were crispy and delightful.

I foresee this place being a regular spot for me. It’s relaxing, has friendly staff, and most importantly it’s food has won over my heart.