Location: 1231 E. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

Oh Mamak. At first I was scared, then I was intrigued, then I ate there and couldn’t wait for more. Let me break it down for you. I have wanted to try Mamak but I’m deathly allergic to nuts so I was scared, because it seemed like a lot of the dishes had nuts in some form. After I got over my initial fear, I was intrigued because friends had gone, I’d read reviews, and everything was generally positive. Finally, I went there for dinner with friends and I’m so glad that I did!
On a random Saturday night a few friends and I decided to try Mamak out. I went with choices that were safer than I normally would go with, but I think next time I can take more risks without threat to my life.

I ordered the Char Kway Teow which was meat, veggies, and rice noodles in a slightly spicy brown sauce. Having read some reviews previously I also ordered a side of the Mamak Roti Canai, which was a piece of roti with a spicy curry dipping sauce.

The menu was interesting here and full of great options to satisfy almost anyone. Not only was the menu great, I loved the ambiance of the place. It’s stuck in a strip mall on crowded Colonial Drive, but when you enter it’s chic and cute and lovely.

The food was warm and comforting and delicious. I’m so glad that I tried this place out and overcame my fear of death (ok, I might be a little dramatic at the moment). I’ll be back and I’ll be ready for more adventure! Have you been here? What should I try next time?