Location: 7129 Bethesda Lane Bethesda, MD 20814 (Multiple locations nationwide)

So I want to preface this post by saying that yes, I understand that Luke’s Lobster is a chain, it’s highly likely there is one near you. I also understand that this is not a Central Florida eat, but hey, Floridians get to vacation too!!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the food. The day was perfect for some casual seafood dining. It was a sunny Saturday, I was on vacation, and I was hungry. All conducive to eating well!

I was with a group of friends and we headed to Luke’s Lobster for a late lunch. I figured since I’d never been there before, I better stick to the original, since that’s their claim to fame. I ordered the lobster roll as well as their Maine root soda since I had never had it.

We all sat outside and soon after the food showed up. This was a highly anticipated meal because lobster rolls are so simple, but oh so easy to screw up. This one looked perfect. It was big and lobster meat was overflowing from the roll. The basket had barely hit the table before I dug into the sandwich.

The first bite of the sandwich was heavenly. The meat was tender and fresh and slightly sweet. The bun was buttery and soft and the perfect accompaniment to the lobster. It was served with a pickle too, and I’m a sucker for pickles, so that just made the meal even better.

If you find yourself in the Northeast region, definitely check and see if you’re in close proximity to a Luke’s Lobster. It’s simple, delicious, and you won’t regret it!