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October 2015

St. Louis Edition: Adam’s Smokehouse

Location: 2819 Watson Road St. Louis, MO 63139

So thanks to an impromptu business trip to St. Louis, I found myself with a free 4 hours to explore the city. I was so thankful because I’d never been there, but my immediate thoughts drifted to food and where to find the best of it.

After asking some locals for suggestions, I began my journey to a place called Adam’s Smokehouse. It was recommended by several people, and I knew I had to have it. How can you go to St. Louis and not get BBQ?! Continue reading “St. Louis Edition: Adam’s Smokehouse”


Kona Dog Food Truck

Kona Dog and I go way, way back. Before it was a food truck , Kona Dog was a small, unsuspecting food stand located amidst all the chaos of International Drive in Orlando. I was devastated when after only a few visits, Kona Dog ceased to exist. Little did I know it was prepping itself for bigger, better, and more portable things.

I ran into the food truck one weeknight while driving home from a coffee run. I squealed a little, much to the dismay of my friend in the passenger’s seat, and immediately cut through traffic to make it to the truck.  Continue reading “Kona Dog Food Truck”

The Donut King

Location: 208 South Highway 27 Minneola, Florida 34715

I’m not sure how I’ve blogged for so long and never mentioned The Donut King. For years this has been my favorite place to go for the freshest, tastiest, most creative donuts in Central Florida!

The first time I went to The Donut King was late one Friday night after hanging out with friends. A friend of mine lived in the area and mentioned the place. We showed up to a small building with an old-fashioned fluorescent sign, and I’ll admit I was a little worried. I went in and was warmly greeted by trays and trays of donuts and all traces of worry were gone. Continue reading “The Donut King”

D.C. Revisited: Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa

Location: 8643 Sudley Road Mannasas, VA 20110

Oh Sardi’s, how I love you so. my roommate had previously done a trip to the DC area and when she came home she was raving about Sardi’s. So I mean, how could I not check this place out while I was in town?!

I met up with a friend from the area and we headed over. The line was pretty long, but we were able look at the menu and finally decided to split their charbroiled chicken, plantains, and fried yucca. Ambitiously we ordered an entire chicken, but better more than less right? Continue reading “D.C. Revisited: Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa”

D.C. Revisited: City Tap House DC

Location: 901 9th Street Washington, DC 20001

After a long night and a lazy morning, brunch was the perfect weekend meal option. I may have said this one or fifty times, but I love brunch!

Since I was staying in the city, the best option was to find a place close to my hotel to grab some delicious food. I found a place right next door called City Tap House and they had a brunch menu. I was sold! Continue reading “D.C. Revisited: City Tap House DC”

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