Location: 8643 Sudley Road Mannasas, VA 20110

Oh Sardi’s, how I love you so. my roommate had previously done a trip to the DC area and when she came home she was raving about Sardi’s. So I mean, how could I not check this place out while I was in town?!

I met up with a friend from the area and we headed over. The line was pretty long, but we were able look at the menu and finally decided to split their charbroiled chicken, plantains, and fried yucca. Ambitiously we ordered an entire chicken, but better more than less right?

When we got the food, my mouth was salivating. The smell was incredible and the chicken looked flavorful and juicy. We used our hands and dug into the meal. It was pretty much finger food, or at least we made it finger food, and everything was delicious.

The chicken was tender, juicy, and had lots of flavor. Even the breast meat, which is usually really dry, was juicy and wonderful. The plantains were sweet with a slightly crunchy exterior. The fried yucca though…this was my personal favorite. I look for fried yucca anywhere I go and the white sauce that went with it was the ideal pairing. I couldn’t get enough.

I left Sardi’s feeling content with life and knowing that all was right with the world. I wish they would just pick up and move to Florida so I could get my Sardi’s fix anytime. Oh Sardi’s, until we meet again…