Location: 208 South Highway 27 Minneola, Florida 34715

I’m not sure how I’ve blogged for so long and never mentioned The Donut King. For years this has been my favorite place to go for the freshest, tastiest, most creative donuts in Central Florida!

The first time I went to The Donut King was late one Friday night after hanging out with friends. A friend of mine lived in the area and mentioned the place. We showed up to a small building with an old-fashioned fluorescent sign, and I’ll admit I was a little worried. I went in and was warmly greeted by trays and trays of donuts and all traces of worry were gone.

My eyes drifted over all of the sweet tasty goodness and landed on something I knew I needed in my life…a maple bacon donut. Everything looked so good so we ordered a dozen and just pigged out. Almost any combination you can think of they have; candy topped donuts, different glazes, even the plain donuts are good. I’ve had a lot of donuts in my time but the things that make this place notable are: The soft chewiness of the dough, the moist batter of the cake donuts, and the richness of the creams they fill their donuts with. It could also be the euphoric effects of late night donut eating (they’re open 24/7!), but I think I’ll just credit the donuts.

I’ve never been disappointed here and as a plus they also have a regular menu featuring soul food and sandwiches. I’ve had plenty of time to try it all and I love the jambalaya and the BLT. But the maple bacon donut still holds my heart.

Give The Donut King a chance and no matter what time of day or night, you’ll be in love too!