Kona Dog and I go way, way back. Before it was a food truck , Kona Dog was a small, unsuspecting food stand located amidst all the chaos of International Drive in Orlando. I was devastated when after only a few visits, Kona Dog ceased to exist. Little did I know it was prepping itself for bigger, better, and more portable things.

I ran into the food truck one weeknight while driving home from a coffee run. I squealed a little, much to the dismay of my friend in the passenger’s seat, and immediately cut through traffic to make it to the truck. 

I got the truck and went straight to ordering my go-to favorite, the Hula Dog. It’s a hot dog on Hawaiian sweet bread and probably one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten. My favorite part is customizing the hot dog with different sweet or spicy sauces.

That night, I ordered my hot dog, took a bite and was transported back to that first experience I had with Kona Dog. It was a flavorful and delightful combination of sweet and spicy flavors that left me craving more.

If you ever run into Kona Dog, check them out and get a taste of the island life!