A friend told me to check out Ted Drewes and I didn’t need much convincing to do so. Ted Drewes is a St.Louis classic. It’s been around for almost a century and it was conveniently located on Route 66! Soooo…I can now say that I drove Route 66 as well!

I pulled up to the frozen custard stand and it was bustling with people. I was overwhelmed, but I took a glance at the extensive menu and peach caught my eye. I decided to keep it pretty classic since it was my first time. I ordered a vanilla custard with the peaches, which were frozen peach chunks.

I got my order, started walking to my car, and decided to sneak a bite. The first bite was heavenly. It was a warm day and the frozen custard was perfection. It was deliciously rich and creamy and the frozen peaches were a great pop of flavor to balance out the creaminess of the custard.

I’ve eaten a lot of frozen custard in my day, and this is honestly the best I’ve eaten. I can see why it’s a classic and why it has been around for so long. I felt like an All-American girl eating my Ted Drewes on Route 66.

Don’t drive by this place. Even if you don’t like frozen custard, I’m sure this place could change your mind. I want to hear from you! Have you been here? Are you going to check it out? Let me know!