Location: 818 Post Street Jacksonville, Florida 32204

I love food if you didn’t already know (hence the food blog, duh!). So if I trust you pick a place to eat, it means I really, really, really trust you. Because if I eat bad food, it’s kind of a deal-breaker. haha. Just kidding (sort of)…

I had a free Sunday afternoon and thought what better way to spend it than exploring a different city! I met up with a friend who was long overdue for a visit, and he showed me around town. 

First things first though, food was on the agenda. He took me to a place he was always raving about called Corner Taco. It’s a local restaurant in one of the cutest parts of town! I walked in and I saw all the lights hanging and the vintage travel art on the walls and was immediately in love with the place!

Every single thing on the menu looked good, but after seeking out some recommendations, I settled on the Southern Fried Grouper Taco and the Cheddar and Brie Queso and Chips.

I was really excited about the queso, I’ve never had brie in my queso! When it got to the table, I had to dig in. It was light, creamy, and wonderful! It’s the only way to do queso in my eyes now.

My taco arrived not long after and smelled delicious! It was overflowing with the grouper and I loved that they weren’t stingy on the fillings. I took a bite of the taco and it was scrumptious. All the flavors were so well balanced. The grouper was light and had a good crisp to it, there was a very flavorful verde salsa on top that was addicting to eat. It was perfect.

I’m not ashamed to say that I got a little giggly and lightheaded eating this because it was just so good that I couldn’t contain myself! If you find yourself in Jacksonville, go to Corner Taco!

P.S. My friendship with my Jacksonville buddy lives to see another day after this awesome recommendation! 🙂