Location: 2309 David Drive Metairie, LA 70003

After much persuasion (ayyyy, you see what I did there?! lol), I convinced my parents to take a vacation. We wanted somewhere historic, fun, and full of good food. New Orleans hit the mark on all of these things. As per usual, and also since it was my suggestion, I was the designated planner and good food seeker for the trip.

After a long drive and checking in to our hotel, food was a must. I did a quick search for Cajun food because we wanted to eat like locales, and stumbled upon this place. The name alone was enough for me to want to check out Cajun Persuasion; I love a fun, witty name! 

Once we got to the restaurant and checked out the menu, it got difficult to decide between all of the tasty options, so we enlisted the help of the server to narrow down our decisions. The first thing she suggest right off the bat was the Surf & Turf Po-Boy. I was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy both meats in one sandwich, but I decided to be bold and went for it. We also settled on boiled shrimp, calamari, and gumbo.

Once we got our food, I realized that we had made all of the right decisions. I was eager to try the Po-Boy, so I went for that first and took a bite. It was perfect. The steak was tender and juicy, the shrimp cooked well and not chewy. It was a party of deliciousness in my mouth. I almost didn’t want to share! But at some point I had to put the sandwich down because there were so many other tasty options!

The calamari was great, although a little too heavily battered for my taste, and the shrimp delightful. The other surprise meal item for me though was the gumbo. I’m not a huge gumbo fan, but this gumbo was meaty and flavorful, and had just the right amount of spice to it. I can assure you it didn’t last long.

So if you find yourself in the New Orleans area, check this place out and let me know about your food adventures! 🙂