Location: 923 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA 70116

I’m not one for tourist traps or eating at the most famous places when travelling. I used to do that and found it overrated and that as a place gets more famous, the food becomes subpar. That’s what made going to Central Grocery a risk for me. EVERYONE told me I had to go while I was in New Orleans and it was only coincidence (as in I was hungry and close to the place and nothing else was open) that brought Central Grocery and I together.I have nothing against muffuletta, which is famous in New Orleans. It’s like the perfect sandwich for me; meat and cheese and olive salad goodness. When I got to Central Grocery, I was slightly apprehensive about it, but I thought, hey, why not!?

I ordered a half sandwich, which is more than a full sandwich anywhere else, and sat down to try it out. The bread was dense and firm, and soaked with the oil from the olive salad (a plus in my book). I took a bite and it was heavenly. It was in that moment that I understood the hype of Central Grocery.

The bread was dense, meaning it wouldn’t fall apart as you ate the sandwich, and it also allowed the oils from the olive salad to be absorbed. The meats and cheese in the sandwich were really good quality and the tartness of the olive salad perfectly balanced it all out.

After this Central Grocery experience I must say, SOME tourist traps are worth it. The sandwich didn’t disappoint and if I find myself in New Orleans again, you’ll find me at Central Grocery.