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February 2016

Disney Restaurant Roundup

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while now. I’ve lived by Disney World in Orlando for years and after a lot of trial and error, have come across a few local favorites I like to frequent.

When people come to Disney, it seems to be their tendency to play it safe and only eat at chain restaurants they know, or just limit themselves to what’s found in the parks. While you can still get satisfactory food that way, there are so many awesome local options too! I also think one of the great things about Orlando is the diversity of the food choices. There are so many different cultures that have chosen to call Orlando home and we get to reap the benefits! Continue reading “Disney Restaurant Roundup”


Pensacola Edition: The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company

Location: 655 Pensacola Beach Boulevard Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561

I love coffee. That statement is already an understatement. I more than love coffee and whenever I travel I seek out the best of the best so I can compare notes. I woke up on a bright but cold morning and knew I needed a delicious cup of coffee to perk me up. No run-of-the-mill hotel coffee was going to do, so I searched a little and found The Drowsy Poet.

They had a pretty extensive menu, but I decided on a drink called the Poe. It was a latte flavored with dark chocolate and raspberry.I was slightly peckish, so I also got some toast with cheese and jam.  Continue reading “Pensacola Edition: The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company”

Pensacola Edition: McGuires Irish Pub

Location: 600 E Gregory Street Pensacola, Florida 32502

McGuires is one of those infamous local establishments that you’re kind of obliged to check out to see what all the hype is about. When I mentioned to people that I was going to Pensacola, everyone said, “you gotta go to McGuires!” Point taken, I came, I saw, I couldn’t conquer. But more about that later.

As per usual, I was in a new city and wanted to hit up local eats. Recommendations are always a good place to start and even the hotel staff recommended checking out McGuires. My family and I headed over for a late dinner and the place was packed. I was a little worried because some restaurants let service slip when it’s crazy, but that wasn’t the case here. Continue reading “Pensacola Edition: McGuires Irish Pub”

New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola

Location: 3320 Transcontinental Drive New Orleans, LA 70119

I know what you may be thinking; you went all the way to New Orleans for Vietnamese food!? Why yes I did! Most of the trip to New Orleans was cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather. With it being like that outside, my first instinct was to find soup, any soup. Vietnamese food is like comfort food to me, so it seemed like a natural choice to check out a local Vietnamese restaurant.

After a little searching, my family and I settled on Pho Nola and I was immediately happy with the decision. The menu was extensive (they had boba too!) and unlike a lot of Vietnamese places, it seemed to be a little more modern in taste.  Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola”

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