Location: 3320 Transcontinental Drive New Orleans, LA 70119

I know what you may be thinking; you went all the way to New Orleans for Vietnamese food!? Why yes I did! Most of the trip to New Orleans was cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather. With it being like that outside, my first instinct was to find soup, any soup. Vietnamese food is like comfort food to me, so it seemed like a natural choice to check out a local Vietnamese restaurant.

After a little searching, my family and I settled on Pho Nola and I was immediately happy with the decision. The menu was extensive (they had boba too!) and unlike a lot of Vietnamese places, it seemed to be a little more modern in taste. 

After taking FOREVER to narrow down a decision, I settled on beef pho and a banh mi sandwich combo…and summer rolls (not pictured because we ate them so fast!). Everything came out quickly and everything was fresh. The soup was just what I needed for the weather outside. It was warm and flavorful and the meat was so tender it almost melted in your mouth. The one thing I liked too was that the soup had a good broth base which some Vietnamese places sometimes lack. It was almost addicting to eat and I didn’t want to stop!

The sandwich was equally delicious with flavorful meat and delightfully bright, fresh flavors from the pickled veggies. I was defeated by the soup though, and had to save that for later. I also got to sample what my family ordered and can also attest to some truly delicious seafood soup with quail eggs (don’t knock it til you try it) and a wonderfully spicy beef curry. We left satisfied, happy, and ready for a nap.

If you find yourself in New Orleans, I can attest to there being more than Cajun and deep fried food around. The Vietnamese I had was delicious, and even though Orlando has a large Vietnamese population, I was able to find unique and wonderful Vietnamese food away from home.