Location: 617 E Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32801

I was eager to try Baoery ever since I heard rumors of it opening in Orlando. So late one Saturday night I adventured downtown to give it a try.

This was one of those places with a menu that made everything sound appealing, so it was quite hard to narrow down my options, so what did I do? Order it all! The main thing I was eager to try was the DAP! Which was a rice bowl with veggies, a fried egg, braised duck, and seaweed. I also ordered a couple of bao buns and macaroni and kimcheese. The DAP! was amazing! I mixed it all together really well and the first bite was full of wonderful flavor. Nothing completely overpowered the dish and the combination of all of the ingredients was perfect! It was almost addicting to eat, but I forced myself to stop and sample other things.

I had to dig in to the bao buns too! My top two favorites were the twin dragons and dynamite bao! The first was essentially Korean Fried Chicken and boy was it good! It was crispy and flavorful and balanced out well with the bun. The dynamite…I’m not sure how to describe except it tastes like eating sushi without seaweed. It was delicious but the seafood and sauce were reminiscent of that. Either way, all the food got demolished quickly.

Lastly, let’s talk about this macaroni and kimcheese. I know what you’re thinking? Asian mac & cheese? Sounds gross. How good could it be? Well, it’s really (insert expletives here) good! The macaroni was cooked al dente and the sauce was creamy and slightly spicy. The tempura topping added a wonderful touch to the dish as well!

Aside from all the food, I love the atmosphere when I eat at Baoery. The inside is funky and chic, they place a good mix of alternative, hipster music that I really enjoy, and their late night happy hour menu is amazing!

Check the place out and let me know what you think! 🙂