This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that I blog about donuts. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts?! They’re perfect pillows of doughy, sweet goodness! Texas definitely didn’t fail to provide me with delicious donut options when I visited.

After deciding to take a last-minute trip to Texas to visit friends and go on food adventures, we picked up some Shipley’s before we headed out on a road trip to Austin. Not only does Shipley’s do donuts, they also have these delicious creations called kolaches (found all over Texas!) which are soft, fresh buns filled with smoked sausage and cheese. 

There aren’t too many ways to mess up a donut in my eyes, but there are ways to dramatically improve them, and this place has mastered it. The donuts are slightly chewy and the dough has a good flavor. The toppings are delicious, fresh, and light. They’re just all around a great option.

I also love to try things I can’t find at home, so I was extremely excited to try kolaches! They were all I expected them to be and more! The buns were freshly baked and delicious. The smoked sausage had a wonderful flavor and they made a perfectly portable breakfast option. My taste buds were doing a happy dance the whole time!

After my friends and I pretty much demolished these boxes of yumminess, it’s safe to say that Shipley’s is a winner. There are multiple locations all over the Southern Midwest region, so give them a try!