Location: 1509 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78704

Oh Korean food how I love thee! Central Florida has a severe lack of Korean food, especially modern or fusion Korean food at that. While doing my Texas food research I stumbled across Chi’lantro and knew it was a must. How did they win me over? Two words: Kimchi Fries!!

 After getting to Chi’lantro I got a little trigger happy on the ordering. I excitedly ordering the fries, but I also ordered kimchi fried rice balls and a beef rice bowl. I was with my friend and we decided to head to Mt Bonnell to take in the view with our meal. We opened everything and couldn’t wait to pig out!

Let’s start with, what was for me, the main event. The kimchi fries were as amazing as they sound. I will add though that this place is for the adventurous palate. Everything is full-flavored, spicy, sweet, or has a ton of things going on. The fries were spicy, crunchy, meaty, creamy, so many things! No one flavor overpowered the other and the fries were the perfect base for the toppings of beef, kimchi, cheese, and sauce.

The other highlight for me were the rice balls. They were simple but perfectly done. The crunch you got as you bit into them was amazing and the sauce they paired with it was magical!

Finally the rice bowl. I personally love rice bowls. It’s all your favorite things in one convenient messy package, plus an egg! Who doesn’t love that?! As you probably guessed, it was equally delicious.

I personally need to learn how to recreate everything because my budget does not allow for weekly Austin trips to fix my Korean food cravings.

This meal hit the spot and for me personally, really personified Austin. Modern, eclectic, unique, delicious grub.