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April 2016

Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker

Location: 801 E Main Street Lakeland, FL 33801

So, I’ve been to New Orleans, I’ve been around, I’ve had beignets. And in sleepy little Lakeland, Florida I have found the softest, crispest, most delicious beignets my taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting.

En route to picking up some friends from a cruise in Tampa, I got a bit peckish. I’d heard about The Poor Porker before an decided to give myself a little breakfast treat. Continue reading “Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker”


Tampa Edition: Chicago Paulies

Location: 1301 N Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33607

Chicago Paulies was a happy accident that I will forever be grateful for. After leaving an appointment, I was starving and wanted a quick lunch option in the area. Whenever I have a chance to try something local, I always jump on it. Thanks to trusty old Yelp, Chicago Paulies came up.

I actually almost gave up on this place first time around. I drove to the location it told me to, and drove past it several times thanks to its camouflaged location attached to a gas station. I tried one more time and I finally saw it! Continue reading “Tampa Edition: Chicago Paulies”

Homemade Edition: Fish and Chips

Growing up in Australia, fish and chips were a staple at the dinner table. I have fond memories of walking to the local fish and chip shop with my dad and ordering a piping hot serving of the good stuff. Fast forward to over a decade later and I find myself on the other side of the world, far, far away from the food memories of my youth.

I started a little project which will lead to a bigger project (more on that another time!) and started working to recreate my childhood favorites. Although there are certain items that can’t be found in Florida, a lot of research, as well as trial and error, have brought me to some pretty spot-on dupes!  Continue reading “Homemade Edition: Fish and Chips”

Houston Edition: Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-BQ

Location: Multiple locations

How could I possibly go to Texas and not indulge in BBQ at least once!? After heading back to Houston before the flight home, BBQ was on the agenda. Lucky for me Rudy’s is a local chain of BBQ restaurants that my friend decided to bring us to.

I should put out there now, if I haven’t already, that I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ. I’m not sure why exactly, it’s just usually not a food I go out of my way to eat or try. Everyone has preferences right? Continue reading “Houston Edition: Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-BQ”

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