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How could I possibly go to Texas and not indulge in BBQ at least once!? After heading back to Houston before the flight home, BBQ was on the agenda. Lucky for me Rudy’s is a local chain of BBQ restaurants that my friend decided to bring us to.

I should put out there now, if I haven’t already, that I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ. I’m not sure why exactly, it’s just usually not a food I go out of my way to eat or try. Everyone has preferences right?

Despite this, I was still excited to try the food! Once it was all unwrapped I took a bite of the brisket and knew I was in trouble…this food was seriously delicious! I kind of went into a frenzy of food deliriousness and had to consume everything in sight. Everything was amazing!

Something that I’ve never had that Rudy’s is known for is the creamed corn! I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s like crack soup! It worked so well with the smoky meat flavor and the other sides. A test for me at most places too is the coleslaw. Coleslaw gets a bad reputation because it’s usually made really badly, but there’s was crunchy, flavorful, and not overly sauced.

The food didn’t last long, but the memories will. Texas you done good.