Location: 1301 N Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33607

Chicago Paulies was a happy accident that I will forever be grateful for. After leaving an appointment, I was starving and wanted a quick lunch option in the area. Whenever I have a chance to try something local, I always jump on it. Thanks to trusty old Yelp, Chicago Paulies came up.

I actually almost gave up on this place first time around. I drove to the location it told me to, and drove past it several times thanks to its camouflaged location attached to a gas station. I tried one more time and I finally saw it!

I got up to the window and a friendly man greeted me. He was the owner and we struck up a conversation about food. Since I was new, he recommended I go for the Chicago Dog since that was his staple item. I also ordered fries with it.

While he was making my order, I could see all the steps in the process. All the toppings were being freshly cut and the fries were freshly cooked to order. I could barely contain my excitement when I finally received my food.

Since seating was pretty limited, I decided to eat in my car. I took a bite of the hot dog and it was heavenly! The dog itself had a wonderful crisp snap to it and the toppings were fresh and perfect. The pickle was one of the best I’ve had and the bun was the perfect pillow of carby goodness to bring it all together.

This place can’t be beat! The food is well priced and delicious and the owner is friendly and proud of what he does! Give it a shot and you won’t regret it!