Location: 801 E Main Street Lakeland, FL 33801

So, I’ve been to New Orleans, I’ve been around, I’ve had beignets. And in sleepy little Lakeland, Florida I have found the softest, crispest, most delicious beignets my taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting.

En route to picking up some friends from a cruise in Tampa, I got a bit peckish. I’d heard about The Poor Porker before an decided to give myself a little breakfast treat.

I pulled up to the cutest, most hipster location I’d ever been to with a little stall giving off deliciously sweet scents. I glanced over the menu and knew I had to eat the brown sugar caramel beignets. I also thought the perfect accompaniment would be their cold brew coffee.

The wait for my food was torturous, but as soon as I got my hands on my beignets I knew it was all worth it. I barely made it to a table before digging in to one of the delicious pieces of fried dough. It was heaven! Nice and crispy on the outside and pillowy and soft on the inside. Although messy, the caramel and powdered sugar on top took these to a whole new level! The cold brew was also rich and flavorful and the perfect drink to balance these out.

I know it’s basically blasphemy to say that these are better than in New Orleans, but it’s out there, I’ve said it! The cat is out of the bag folks! If you find yourself in Lakeland for a pit stop or something more, check out The Poor Porker and let me know what you think!