Location: Multiple (but I went to: 39 Cordova Street St Augustine, FL 32084)

On an impromptu cousin day trip to St Augustine, we found ourselves starving and ready for food after making the rainy drive from Orlando. On the advice of a friend, we decided to head to Maple Street Biscuit Company for some satisfying comfort food.

Upon arrival, the menu alone was enough to send a tingle of excitement down my spine. Maple Street is one of those places where every single thing on the menu is a serious contender for delicious eats. 

It took some time to decide, but with the help of the friendly staff I decided on the Reinhold, which was a biscuit with fried chicken, pickles, and honey mustard. I should say now that I’m not a huge biscuit fan, so although I was excited for my food, my mentality was how good could the food realistically be?

That thought should have never crossed my mind. I took the first bite of my sandwich and it was amazing! The biscuit was flaky and not at all dry. The chicken was moist and tender with a good batter on it. The pickles were thick and hearty, the perfect addition to the sandwich.

Maple Street gave us the fuel we needed for a historically fun-filled day. If you find yourself in St Augustine, give them a try!