Location: 1815 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804

Look who is finally eating locally in Orlando again! It’s been a little while, but after deciding to play hooky from work, I knew the perfect thing to do was find somewhere delicious to eat! After slaving away all day (ok, not really slaving away) blogging, I deserved a good lunch.

Since I was finally in the area, I settled on Christo’s Cafe. I was excited because I would always pass by around breakfast time and it was ALWAYS packed with people. I went at an odd in between lunch and dinner time, linner I guess? Can that be a thing? Lol. It was pretty empty, which meant I could enjoy a nice quiet solo lunch.

The menu was pretty extensive and full of all your standard diner goodies with a few specialty items thrown in as well. I was in a patty melt mood, so I got that with some fries. What sold me was that it was on rye bread, which I rarely see for a melt. The service was quick and I was able to dig in quickly.

I took a bite of the melt and was transported to all those memories I had made over good diner food. There’s something about diners that’s just comforting, and this melt brought back that feeling again. But of course, like I even need to tell you, it was delicious. The rye was perfect and a quite dense, so it held the patty melt together well. The meat was tender and juicy and the cheese was perfect!

I have no shame in telling you I probably ate this in like 2 minutes? Probably less. I looked down at one point and realized there was no patty melt left. I also understood why this place was always packed. It takes somewhere special to create good classics. And Christo’s delivered.