Location: SPG on Facebook

Oh South Pacific Grill. You were one of those enigmatic food trucks that would always slip from my grasp when I got too close. For over a year now, I’ve been wanting to try this food truck, and one happy weekday everything aligned and I found myself standing in front of my dream. 

Good Hawaiian food is hard to find. I’ve had it once or twice, but it’s a rare commodity in Florida. So I didn’t take any chances when I checked this place out, I needed everything! I ordered a Hawaiian mix plate that came with huli huli chicken, kahlua pork, kalbi beef ribs, kimchi fried rice, and mac salad. Because that CLEARLY wasn’t enough, I also ordered wings and a passion-guava fruit nectar.

The wait was torturous, I could smell all of the wonderful food cooking, but soon enough it was my turn! I barely made it to the care before tearing open the container to take a look at the goods. It was perfection.

I had promised to share with a friend, so I took a small sampling of each thing. I can assure you that each and every thing that I ate was absolutely delicious, it almost defied logic. Each of the meats was tender with its own flavor profile. My favorite, which surprised me, was the kahlua pork. I’m not a huge fan of shredded or pulled pork but it had a wonderful smoky flavor an it was so juicy!

Once I met up with my friend, the meal didn’t last long. We were fighting over whether we had equally distributed the food it was that good. South Pacific Grill, I can only hope and pray that our paths cross again sooner rather than later.