Location: 8607 Palm Parkway Orlando, Florida 32836

Ever wake up with a craving that just HAS to be satisfied?! The day I ventured to Sofrito was one of those days. I needed some Latin food in my life, and lucky for me, I knew just the place I wanted to go! I’d been eyeing Sofrito for a while. It was relatively new, located close to home, and was cute (always a plus)! 

I got there and wanted everything on the menu, but I calmed down and settled on the Peruvian chicken. When it came out, it was evident that I had made the right choice. It came with sides of rice, salad, and maduros. The Maduros were cooked to perfection with a slight crisp on the outside, the salad was fresh, and the rice was perfect with the chicken. The main event the chicken, was seasoned well and very juicy!

The plate didn’t last long, and when my food was gone, I felt a tinge of sadness over it. Sofrito has so many benefits, it’s close to home, it’s great food, and it’s all reasonably priced. If you’re taking a trip to Disney, or just want a food adventure, give Sofrito a chance!!