Location: 1051 W. Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, Florida 32789

I can honestly say I haven’t been to a place quite like Krungthep. It’s unique, delicious, and always leaves you wanting more. I ventured here with some friends for a nice afternoon treat and have no shame in saying I’ve gone back more times than I can count since.

KrungThep has an extensive tea menu, different coffee and iced drinks, lunch items, and dessert. I have yet to try their actual savory goods, although I’m sure they are delicious, but I can speak for the sweet treats. Every single thing I’ve tried has been amazing and delicious.

This time around I ordered a brick toast (dessert item) and something I affectionately like to call pink drink. Let’s start with the drink. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s a huge iced glass of strawberry sweet goodness that is reminiscent of Nesquik but better! It’s not too sweet and is so refreshing, particularly during a hot Florida summer.

Let’s talk about the dessert for a minute! I have a slight, or well a full-blown, obsession with anything matcha or green tea, so this dessert was a no-brainer. The brick toasts are crispy sweet toasty goodness, topped with sweet treats and ice cream! Mine used honey, matcha ice cream, whipped cream, and pocky sticks. I scooped up a bite and was transported to another place, it was heaven!

I love KrungThep for many reasons but I can say that topping the list is the fact that I’ve been many, many times and have never been disappointed. Often times a restaurant has a hit item or two and the rest of the things on the menu are just passably good. Every single thing at this place is amazing. I have yet to be disappointed. Check this place out for a deliciously sweet and unique experience!