Location: 14837 N. Florida Avenue Tampa, Florida 33613

Growing up with a Filipino mom, meat and rice was the common choice for lunch or dinner. So when I think of comfort food, that’s what I pretty much always trend towards. For how delicious Filipino food is, it’s highly underrated. It’s hard to find it in Florida so when I stumble upon it, I have to give it a try! I had heard about Pao from friends before, so when I found myself in the area, I knew I needed to stop in.

The one thing I appreciated when I checked out the menu for the place was that is was a nice mix of traditional foods and modern twists as well. I decided on the traditional route though and ordered sisig.

Sisig is like crispy fried pork goodness with onions and vinegar deliciousness. You definitely won’t want to kiss anyone after eating this! It came with a side of rice and some pickled papaya. I barely took the picture before diving into the meal. It was all I had hoped for! Everything was flavorful and fresh. The taste reminded me of my mom’s cooking and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I loved it!

That pretty plate you see in the picture…I demolished it. I would have ordered everything else on the menu too, if I didn’t have  a friend there to help me exercise some self control. Pao I will be back for your yummy Filipino goodness! If you’re feeling adventurous, give Filipino food and Pao a try!