Location: 813 North Mills Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803

On a lazy weekday afternoon I had a hankering for soup that had to be satisfied. Instead of going to an old favorite, I decided to take a risk and check out Noodles and Rice. I walked in and the delightful smell of soup and other delicious foods greeted me. I couldn’t wait to order and dig into the delicious eats. 

Everything on the menu looked amazing, but I finally settled on the Hong Kong style noodle soup with dumplings and BBQ pork. The order came to the table pretty quickly and it smelled amazing, which made me ever hungrier and more ready to eat!

The first thing I do with any soup is test the broth, it’s a deal breaker for any good soup and the first sip of this one was magical! The rest of the soup was equally delicious. The noodles were cooked well and the dumplings and meat were delicious as well. Everything worked well and it was the perfect soupy comfort food.

Visit and Noodles and Rice and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll leave full, satisfied, and very, very happy.