Location: 710 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803

Ooooohhhhhh King Bao. If ever there was a place to give me a foodgasm, it would be here. I had been anticipating going here for a loooooong time, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. As soon as  I walked in, a delicious mix of smells greeted me, which made me crave the food even more.

King Bao has one of those menus where every single menu item looks delicious. Making a decision on just two bao buns was really, really hard, but I did end up settling on the Glen Rhee Bao and the OMG bao. The Glen Rhee was a Korean short rib bao with salsa on it. Ugh, I’m salivating thinking about it. The bao was pillowy soft and absolute perfection. Then came the tender and delicious braised meat topped with a flavorful salsa. It was heaven.

Then I got to the OMG and discovered how it got its name. This bao consisted of tempura grouper with kimchi slaw, and tartar sauce. Give me a moment, I’m just reminiscing on those fond memories. The fish was perfectly fried and not oily and the toppings were the perfect compliment and textural contrast to the tempura batter.

Now let’s talk about the tots! Because obviously tots make perfect sense to eat with bao buns! I got Porky’s Tatchos. They were tots piled with braised pork, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos, and scallions. Not going to lie, this was slightly overkill. At this point I had completely demolished the bao buns so eating loaded tots was a lot, but I somehow managed to make it through.

I’ll be back to King Bao to try every single other thing on the menu, even the vegan and vegetarian options. King Bao, I am eternally grateful that you are in my life.