Location: Worldwide with some U.S. locations

Sooooooo, it’s been a long while. A new job has had me crazy busy and to be honest with you, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. But fear not, I’m back!

I will have TONS of things to update on, but last year I got to go back to my homeland (well my mother’s), the Philippines and you better believe I had ALL of the food adventures.

I’m pretty sure all Filipinos know Jollibee, but for everyone else, it’s a classic fast food staple that’s famous for fried chicken and other Filipino classics! One of my favorites is palabok, which you can see in the picture. It’s rice noodles with a creamy garlic sauce with pork and shrimp. And let’s talk about the fried chicken! I’m not sure what it is exactly, but there’s a certain flavor in the crispy wonderful breading that is so flavorful and delicious, while keeping the chicken moist.

If you find yourself near a Jollibee location, definitely give them a chance and step outside of your comfort zone a bit. It’s wonderful because you can find classics like chicken, burgers, fries, but you can also try new things like palabok and Filipino-style spaghetti.