Recommendable Edibles



Se7en Bites

Location: 207 Primrose Drive Orlando, FL 32803

I woke up on a bright and sunny Saturday morning with food on my mind. Do you ever wake up with a food mood? Well mine was basically eat food that may potentially kill me with deliciousness. I thought for a moment and the perfect place came to mind, Se7en Bites. I’d been to this bakery/cafe once before and left with fond memories of the food. Continue reading “Se7en Bites”



The last food adventure in my mini Atlanta trip series is a good one, Rise-N-Dine. The name was cute enough to catch my attention and once we got there, the place truly lived up to its cutesy name.

Rise-N-Dine is located close to Emory University and is a very quaint breakfast or lunch spot. My friends and I decided to get one last local meal together before I headed back to Orlando. The menu had so many delicious and interesting options, but I ended up settling on something that  I can assure you I had never seen before, it was called the Polish omelette, and it contained pierogies, kielbasa, onion, and cheddar cheese inside the omelette, topped off with some sour cream. With the omelette, I had a fresh homemade biscuit with apple butter (not sure if handmade, but it was delish regardless!). Continue reading “Rise-N-Dine”

Ria’s Bluebird

Good morning lovely people! I know it’s been a little while since I’ve put anything up, but things have been a little hectic. I took a mini vacation this past weekend to escape the stress and had the opportunity to travel to Georgia. So this week will be dedicated to the delicious food that Atlanta, Georgia has to offer. Continue reading “Ria’s Bluebird”

The Yard Bird Cafe

Another travel edition of Recommendable Edibles! Last weekend I did a charity walk with my family and friends in St. Augustine. Well, I can’t travel anywhere without trying some of the local food! This one almost didn’t happen. We were a group of five and we showed up to The Yard Bird Cafe, which is pretty close to historic St. Augustine. We walked in and were told the wait would be almost an hour. No thanks! I was starving. I was a little disappointed as we walked out but we heard someone yelling at us as we were walking to the car. A table was leaving and if we waited ten minutes, we could be seated. Perfect! Continue reading “The Yard Bird Cafe”

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