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The Whiskey

Location: 7563 Sand Lake Road Orlando, Florida 32819

The Whiskey is a place I had been scoping out for a while. Orlando Weekly, a local paper that highlights local restaurants, events, companies, etc., had put together a list of new restaurant openings, and because of it’s close proximity to where I live, The Whiskey caught my eye.

I was checking out the menu online when my eyes passed over trigger words that made my mouth water…wagyu beef, pork belly, garlic aioli. Was it possible that all of my deliciously favorite flavors could all be found in perfect trifecta on one burger?! Continue reading “The Whiskey”


Beth’s Burger Bar

Location: 5145 S. Orange Ave Orlando, FL, 32809

After my little D.C. trip, I was back home and ready to check out more of the food scene. I woke up on a Saturday with the idea of eating a really, really, really good burger on my mind. I tried to let the feeling pass, but it kept lingering, so with my resolve significantly lowered, I gave in and decided to seek out a burger.

A place I’d heard some buzz about, but hadn’t had the chance to try, was Beth’s. I walked in and was immediately greeted by a friendly server who explained the menu, went over some favorites, and gave me a chance to tone down my burger excitement. Continue reading “Beth’s Burger Bar”

D.C. Edition: Birch and Barley

Location: 1337 14th St NW Washington D.C., 20005

I started strong with the D.C. food scene and I wasn’t ready to end it. The next night, I was with a different best friend and he had some good food in mind. We were staying in a touristy part of town, but we made our way to a local place called Birch and Barley. It’s the bar above its sister restaurant, Churchkey (which our unplanned selves did not make reservations for!), but serves a lot of the same menu items as downstairs. Continue reading “D.C. Edition: Birch and Barley”



A while back a friend and I were craving good old American comfort food. What does that translate to for us? Burgers and fries, baby! So we set out to eat at BurgerFi, which is a chain (not a huge fan of chains), but good nonetheless. I’d never actually gotten food from there so I was eager to try a few things. We talked to the person at the register and after some deliberation settled on a New York Style Hot Dog, A Double Bacon Cheeseburger (heart attack waiting to happen!) and “Urban” Fries from their “secret” menu. Continue reading “BurgerFi”

Bembom Food Truck’s Spicy Lamb Burger with Garlic Parmesan Fries.

Continue reading “Spicy Lamb Burger deliciousness”

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